The Headliner enables advertisers to reach a high net worth audience who are in control of their financial investments. The core of our dedicated affluent investor base are interested in a diversity of options from property to a mix of shares, fixed investment, managed funds and public offers.

The Headliner magazine is proven as a resource for its readers and as a vehicle for its advertisers. The hard copy magazine that has provided market intelligence for over 30 years continues and is now paralleled by The Headliner active website. The site carries daily business news and investment features accessible free plus PREMIUM content available exclusively to paid members (including a digital edition of the magazine). The website thus further extends the reach of the existing publication, now additionally available on-line, and also offers fresh online advertising options.

Website advertising space is available on the home page, general pages and inside our PREMIUM departments.

The magazine reader profile is 45+ with the core from the 55-65 age group who are cash rich and are looking for informed investment information. The website profile is expected to deepen to 25-65.

Advertising placements run on a Monday – Sunday cycle. Bookings will be accepted up to the Thursday before start date of placement. Material is normally required no later than 12pm Thursday prior to start date of the cycle. Urgent material can be placed on-site at any time by negotiation.

An advertising plan for multiple cycles and longer-term contracts can offer pricing advantages. All contracts are non-cancellable.


Access this base by contacting our Advertising Staff

We offer reasonably priced design and artwork make-up for those advertisers requiring preparation services.

Our Advertising Rates are highly competitive and set for the present business climate


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